VITUKI Hungary Ltd.
Address: 1173 Budapest, Mendei utca 3.
Mailing address: 1453 Budapest, PO box 23.
Tax number: 23744251-2-42.;
Registration number: 01-09-976226;
E-mail: info@vituki.eu

VITUKI Hungary Ltd. was established on the 16 December 2011, as a research, development and consulting company on the field of water management and environmental protection.
The company started its research and engineering activities in October 2012 at the time of the liquidation of its employees’ predecessor institution.

The predecessor institution of our employees:
VITUKI Environmental and Water Management Research Institute Non-profit Ltd.
  • Department of Facility Inspection (Institute of Fluid Mechanics)
  • Department of Applied Fluid Mechanics (Institute of Fluid Mechanics)
  • Department of Water Quality Control (Institute of Water Quality Protection)
  • „Argos Studio” Department of Remote Sensing (Institute of Hydrology)
VITUKI Hungary Ltd has the rights of using the ‘VITUKI’ trademark (licensed by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, license number: 194 052).

Thanks to the experiences, results and high qualifications of its employees, and also to its state-of-the-art equipment, VITUKI Hungary Ltd is capable of implementing complex tasks in almost all fields of water and environmental management. The actual mean number of employees is 15.

Areas of activities:
  • Research and development on the field of science and technology (main activity)
  • Engineering work, technical consultation
  • Technical inspection, analysis
  • Architectural activities
  • Other scientific and technical research and development
  • Organization of construction projects
  • Higher education
  • Consultation on the field of information-technology
  • Software development
  • Other information-technological services
  • Data processing
  • Production of films and videos

Company liability insurance system:
VITUKI Hungary Ltd has a company liability insurance related to its eligible activities and to its employees’ potential workplace accidents (Generali Insurance Ltd):
  • Service liability insurance for the fields of activities
  • R+D activities, planning, expertise on the fields of water- and environmental engineering, and geodesy
  • Nuclear expertise on the field of civil engineering and architecture
  • Technical inspection and management related to hydraulic engineering and constructions
  • Liability insurance related to workplace accidents

Quality assurance system:

VITUKI Hungary Ltd has an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system covering the following fields of activities:

  • Regular technical inspection, diagnostics and repair of engineering facilities and hydraulic engineering structures
  • On-site hydraulic measurements, calibration of measuring structures
  • Planning and management on the field of water and environmental management
  • Expertise and qualification on the field of water and environmental management
  • Remote sensing and GIS activities (methodology, development and application of systems)
  • Research and development (R+D)
  • Numerical modelling (hydrological, hydrodynamic, hydro-morphological and transport modelling)